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Oasis, Ashlynn Monroe


Ashlynn Monroe


Wild Horse Press


One Flame



After running away, Tabby finds Evan and convinces him to take her to Oasis, in the hopes she can be turned. But Sam is worried about her sister, and going against both Shane's and the General's orders, she decides to cross back into the Bad Lands. With the help of Davis, Sam tries to track down Tabby, hoping she can convince her sister to come back home.


Waking to find her sister gone, Sam knew the terrible truth of where she’d gone. She hated to have to tell the General, her father, but she did.

“Dad, I need to tell you something.”

His head snapped up at the sound of her using “dad”. It was obvious to her that he knew she had something important to say. Having his full attention, she told him what she suspected.

“I think Tabby has run away, to live with the vampires.”

The General’s chair tipped back and fell with a clatter against the aged linoleum of the kitchen floor. He dropped his paperwork and all but ran from the house. Sam knew that he wouldn’t question her suspicion. She knew how her sister thought and their father knew how close they were. The General was going hunting…vampire hunting.
A whirlwind of activity erupted on the base. It seemed that the General was making finding his youngest daughter top priority. Sam anxiously stared out the living room window watching the commotion, praying that they would find her sister alive. She thought about the little information that Tabby had told her. Her mind replayed the conversation from the previous night in detail.


“Sam do you promise not to tell dad if I tell you what’s up, you have to promise?” It was serious she’d called the General dad.

“Ok, just tell me Tab.”

“I’m going to see Evan. I have to tell him goodbye.”

“Are you crazy? I’m not letting you anywhere near that crazy Bad Land killer creature zone again! You almost died. Do you realize how much that freaked me out? I love you; I won’t let you go play with things that want to eat you!”

“Oh, so you can have a werewolf boyfriend but I can’t have a boyfriend. Evan didn’t hurt me.”

“One of his buddies hurt you. It’s too dangerous. Shane wouldn’t hurt me. He’s risked his life twice for me. So yeah, I can have a werewolf boyfriend but you can’t have a vampire boyfriend. I will totally nark on you if you sneak off to be some creep’s bedtime snack. I won’t let you die. Why do you care about that vampire? He let you get hurt.”

“He didn’t let me get hurt. I didn’t listen to him. He told me to stay away from Oasis and I just went to make him mad.”

“What the heck is Oasis? Why on Earth would you want to make a
vampire mad?”

“He wouldn’t bite me.” She never answered as to what Oasis was. Sam just let it slid, too curious about the other part of her question to dwell on her first question.

“You want a vampire to bite you? What is wrong with you? Maybe we should leave. This place is messing with your head!” Her words obviously irritated Tabby and she rolled over making an angry noise in the back of her throat.


Oasis had to have something to do with Tabby leaving. She’d been vague about what Oasis was, but it had been important enough to her to risk her life. Whatever had led her to Oasis had led to the attack that’d almost killed her. Her recovery had also been a mystery. Sam decided she needed to solve the mystery before it killed her sister!


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