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SneakPeekWednesday; Carnal Magnetism Excerpt Four

The Cornwall Coven, Book Two; Carnal Magnetism

Kayden McLeod

Publication Date: January 8th 2011

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance (Vampires, M/F)

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Publisher Website:

Heat-Rating: Five Flames, Explosive

Pre-Release Reader Review:

“Kayden McLeod spins a tale in Carnal Magnetism that sucks you in at the beginning and doesn’t let you go. You won’t be able to put down this entrancing story of a vampire family formed from need, but able to stay together because of love.” –Review by, Stacey Krug


Trust only works when it’s both ways


The RedLine is the perfect haven for a man of Ryder’s extensive desires and tastes. He uses the women of the club, much like they do him, with little care to know anything more than names, sometimes even less than that. His reputation for open-minded, tantalizing sex is renowned, and willing victims for this particular vampire are never at a shortage. At least until Catalym crashes into his life, taking over from the moment they’d met. And it isn’t long before her past life’s tribulations follow her, including a dangerous ex-boyfriend who hides far more than Ryder or his friends ever guess.

Excerpt Four (RATED PG, with obscene language):

In a race of energy Catalym spoke to him, but I couldn’t hear. Kev’s eyes never changed nor moved, but I knew he spoke back.

Long, absolutely silent and still minutes passed before their eyes warmed.

“Think of something more pleasant,” Catalym whispered, and Kev shook his head. Then she laughed softly. “I’m still in your mind.”

“I know,” Kev replied, and his slight smile widened. “Lightened the mood though, didn’t it?”

“You want to know what happened to the last guy who pictured me naked?” Catalym’s arms crossed over her chest.

Then Kev’s eyes slid to me.

“The guy before him.”

I chuckled to myself, picturing her naked a time or two.

You’ve pictured me naked three times since we woke up.

Isn’t that a good thing?

With you, more than likely.

Damn, now I was thinking about it. Naked, wet flesh beneath me, wanting and in need as much as I, in fact begging me to take her. Those deeply red lips parting as I pleasured her in any way to randomly cross my mind.

Her head turned to me and flashed me a brilliant smile.



“Kev has an imagination on him,” Catalym said in a slightly hoarse voice.

Kev just continued to grin. “Thought so.”

He looked absolutely triumphant, but Catalym looked calculative.

She leaned forward, her fingertip trailing down his chin. Kev’s mouth fell open, and I smiled when he received a really good dose of her power. His body began to shake, eyes boring into hers. A soft moan escaped his parted lips.

“And that’s just the beginning,” she whispered.

“Fuck.” He blinked in a daze, and looked to me. “You’re one lucky son of a bitch.”

My smile widened, and I rose.

“Boy, get out. Have to get my woman dressed.” I ran through the math on how long there was before we had to be at work, and the likelihood of finding that couch. “Do I want to know?”

“Probably not.” Catalym giggled.

“All right then.” I nodded, and let it go.

She seemed to listen for something right before a loud bellow of laughter sounded from the direction of the kitchen.

“I’m serious man! You have fluorescent pink hair!” Gene yelled.


“Ops. Did I do that?”

Gene’s footsteps could be heard running away from the hallway and down the stairs, paying for my woman’s antics I was sure, “What the hell! I didn’t do it.”

“Again, do I want to know?”

“Figured if I repeated what I had actually done to the last guy, Kev wouldn’t be up for work tonight,” Catalym said with a still amused gleam in her eyes at the memory. “I was having a really bad day.”

I could imagine.

A frustrated shriek burst from behind me, and I turned back to her, “Umm, wow.”

With pure male fascination at her latest attire, I had to wonder why this thought hadn’t crossed my mind. I would have to thank Kevlar later.

Her feet were encased in pink-satin, heeled slippers with something rather puffy that sort of looked like feathers, but not quite. Pink tinted hose worked up to a pink lace garter belt over satin panties and a bra.

This was what Kevlar had thought about!

“This is just so wrong.” Catalym blew her long bangs from her face, the glistening stands glowing in the dying sunlight that shone from the window beyond. "Even though they say revenge is best served cold... I will settle for mine being warm"

“Oh no baby, really, it looks…” I raked her entire, luscious body before continuing, “good.”

She just rolled her eyes and tried to walk by me, but I caught her into my arms.

“I mean really, really good. Tasty, addicting, beautiful are just small words.” I led her hand to my cock, and her fingers closed around it. “Let me think on the big words.”

“Very big. But just let me do one thing?” she pleaded, clearly worried about upsetting me.

My teeth gritted by the way she expected me to deny her something, anything. As if I would want to control her, like the others before me. The ones who had become…

“Addicted.” Catalym escaped my grasp, with my consent.

Her eyes narrowed in good-humoured challenge, before rushing out of the door with me close at her heels just in time to see Kev run down the hallway to the stairs.

Catalym flicked a finger just as he hit the last step, whispering under her breath so rapidly and fluidly, it was like second nature.

She didn’t hesitate in her words, something almost all vampires did in spell-work. Her flow of prose made the air shimmer around her as if it were alive.

“Oh, I’m getting revenge so sweet, they haven’t even created a name for it yet,” Kev said in exasperation.

Kev stopped dead, in the middle of the foyer when he felt the cold breeze against his legs. He gaped down at himself with the utmost wounded, appalled expression I’d ever seen.

She’d clothed him in a silk pink nightgown that rode high on his ass, trimmed in pink feathers. His hair was still bright pink, tinged with darker tips now.

“What did I do to you?” He touched the soft material, and curtsied with narrowing eyes.

“Still reading your thoughts, and I’m far more flexible than that.” Catalym flicked her hand again.

Kev stumbled as terrifyingly high, pink-feathered stiletto-slippers matching her own appeared. When his face went blank, she burst out into laughter.

“I am teaching you a lesson on being a girl, since you seem to know so much about the concept.”

He started forward, a mock-threatening growl emitting from his throat. She squealed and disappeared.

“Coward,” he yelled at the ceiling. A long pink wig appeared on his head, the curls trailing in a cloud of cotton candy.

“I think I need to start getting danger pay for looking out for her. She is worse than Sara and Kelly put together times three,” he grumbled before he tried to zap the offending clothes, but failed miserably.

He grunted in disgust.

“Can’t remove them can you?” I grinned evilly at my friend’s obvious plight.

“Nope. She is a lot older than I am, and her magic is resistant. But no worries, I will get her back for this.” His heels clicked on the tiles as his feet stumbled around trying to gain ground.

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